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On your mark! Get CHESS! Go!
Rated Tourneys with Prizes are Back!
BayAreaChess is starting rated tournaments with prizes.
We care deeply about our community and their health so we will do this in phases as you can see below.
Dr. Salman Azhar and BayAreaChess have agreed to coordiante this plan with Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC.


  • Rated Tourneys with Prizes are Back!

    Rated Tourneys: Phased Plan

    Phase For Played Rated Rating Type Prizes Entry Fee
    1 PK-12
    Online ChessKid Online 1 to 6 BA¢ 27/month
    2 K-12 Children In-person US Chess
    OTB 1 BA¢/game
    +8 BA¢/point
    36 for 3 rounds
    45 for 4 rounds
    3 All ages In-person US Chess
    OTB Ca$h Prizes About 50

    Rated Tourneys: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Online Ratings do not impact OTB (over-the-board) ratings:
      1. ChessKid ratings do not impact US Chess Federation online and OTB ratings.
      2. US Chess Online ratings do not impact US Chess Federation OTB ratings.
    2. Award Distribution:
      1. Ca$h awards will be mailed after one-week to check for fairplay.
      2. Non-cash awards will be distributed on a large post-COVID award cerremony. If you don't want to wait that long, you may pick them from BayAreaChess office (map) at designated times (TBD).
    3. Online Platform: We will use ChessKid (for children only) or lichess.org for online tournaments.
    4. BA¢oins (aka BACa$h):
      1. BA¢oins are redeemable for medals and trophies and allows children to trade-up their medals and smalelr trophies. This includes old awards as long as they were given by BayAreaChess.
      2. 1 medal/trinket = 1 BA¢oin ◷ medium trophy (~10") = 3 ◶ Large single eagle trophy = 6 ◵ XL double eagle trophy = 12 ◴ XXL 2-post trophy = 36 ◷ XXXL 3-post trophy = 72 ◶ Huge 4-post trophy = 108
      3. We tested BA¢oins idea in some tournaments and found that the children loved trading medals and smaller trophies for larger trophies (and so did parents). COVID makes this a great idea.
      4. We will allow mix-and-match to trade up as long as their enough trophies for everyone. For example, you can trade a 2 medium trophies (or 1 medium trophy and 2 medals) for one large single-eagle trophy.
    5. Fairplay:
      1. All games will be checked for fairplay. Your online account may be suspended or terminated by the online platform for fairplay violations. See videos from ChessKid ChessKid
      2. .
      3. We at BayAreaChess do not have the power to influence any action by a platform to suspend an account.
  • 2021 CalChess Super State Championship
    will likely be online

    1. The State Championship cannot be held on April 3-4 (2021) as planned to contain COVID-19.
    2. CalChess to see if we can safely arrange 2021 Super States with apppropriate fairplay requirements.
  • 2020 CalChess Super State Championship
    has been Cancelled

    1. The 2020 State Championship has been cancelled due to COVID-19 for everyone's safety.
  • Online Enrichment & Events and
    Plans for Over-the-board Tournaments

    1. We are moved all activities online (see available options).
    2. We are developed a phased plan for returning tournaments online while proactively tracking CDC and local health guidelines (see available options).
      1. Forgive us for taking so long to start rated tournaments. Frankly, we were struggling for survival since we are community based organization without large donors.
      2. Stay tuned for a similar phased plan that we are developing for our enrichment and education branch.
    3. We are still struggling financially and need your help.
      1. Our deep gratitude to those who supported with their time and money.
      2. You can make a tax-deductible donation at here or simply show up and play when we reopen.
      3. Would you like to name post-COVID tournament(s) after your loved ones, your company, or yourself? Please contact us to start the conversation.
  • BayAreaChess Loves You!

    Thank you for your continued support of our club and our events! We could not have done this without you and this amazing chess community!