• Featured Tournaments

    We offer US Chess Federation authorized and rated 1 and 2 Day adult/regular events several times every month and Special Events every few months.

    Cash Day Tournaments:
    Every weekend around the Bay Area Monthly Championships:
    Every month around the Bay Area Best of the West Championship (Prize $20,000 b/297):
    May 23-25 or 24-25
  • Want to Save Money?

    We offer two types of discounts to save you money. Check out more information below to choose what works for you.

    BayAreaChess Membership offers 25% discount of all our tournaments. Multi tournament discount when you register for more than one tournament at the same time.
  • Special Events

    About 6 times a year all over the Bay Area! 6 to 7SS G/90 +30

    Upcoming special events in the main dropdown menu under Cash Prize Tournaments.
    1. Mar 13, 14 and/or 15, 14-15: CalChess Super States Championship (K-12 only) (register | info)
    2. May 23-25 or 24-25 (Memorial Day Weekend): Best of the West Championship (register | info)
    3. Jul 17-19 or 18-19: People's Tournament (register |info)
    4. Sep 5-7 or 6-7 (Labor Day Weekend): CalChess Open Championship (register |info)
    5. Nov 27-29 or 28-29 (Thanksgiving Weekend): Class Warfare Championship (register | info)
    6. Jan 1-3 or 2-3, 2011 (New Year Weekend):New Year Open (register | info)
    Note: The register and info links will point to the previous year until a couple of months before the tournament.
  • Cash Day (1-Day) Tournaments

    Choose from locations all over the Bay Area every weekend!

    Where: All over the Bay Area
    When: Almost every weekend starting at 9am
    Time Controls: 4 x G/45d5, 4 x G/61d5, 3 x G/75d5, 3 x G/90d5
  • Bay Area Chess Championships

    Choose from locations in the South Bay (and other parts of the Bay Area) every month!

    Where: All over the Bay Area
    When: Almost every month | Sat 9:30am - ~9:30pm & Sun 10am - ~6pm
    Time Controls: 5SS x G/90 +30
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