• Change, Refund and Cancellation Policy

    • Tournaments

      Late fee: Late fee generally applied 3 days before a tournament's start date for any recurring regular/adult or youth tournament. For National, State, or Regional Championships, the late fee usually applied about 1-2 weeks ahead.
      For specific dates, please check the official Tournament Listings @ USCF's webpage:

      Change fee

      Cancellation and Refund:
      Recurring Events: In case of a cancellation, if we are notified at least 24 hours prior to the event, we either refund with a $5 charge (if event was purchased alone) or the entry fee - $5 service fee is credited toward any future tournament, if the event was purchased together with other events AND if the new date is provided.

      WITHIN 24hr of the Event: Any withdrawal/rescheduling request within 24 hours will be subjected to a $20 cancellation/rescheduling fee. This is applied to all Pass holders too.
      Any credit must be used withing 6 months of the original notification date.

      Platinum members: Please please make sure that you do not register for two tournaments on the same date. We are imposing $20 no show fee for all platinum holders who do that which results in no show in one of them. We don't have the time to check if one registers in 2 tournaments or more or not. If one registers, s/he'll be entered on the roster. Free entries are also subjected to the same rule.

      Special Events (Nationals, States, or other special events): In case of cancelling a special event registration, a $20 to $25 cancellation fee will be deducted from the registration fee before refunding the remaining amount. Please, note the date after which there will be no refund option in case of a cancellation.
      If you are a Regular/Gold Member, the cancellation fee for a special event is $10-15, based on your original discount, if notified 24 hours prior to the event. Within 24 hours, the $20 cancellation fee applies to all Pass holders.
      No Show : There is absolutely no refund/credit for no show.

      Void or Replacement Checks: Prize checks are valid for 90 days. In case it becomes void, or lost, we would be happy to reissue a new check for a fee of $25 or 10% of the check amount, whichever is the lowest.
    • Camps

      Camp registration saves your space. So, cancellations are discouraged.

      Cancellation policy:
      • up to 7 days before the camp start date - refund 75% of the paid fees
      • less than 7 days before the camp start date - no refunds, 50% of the paid fees will be credited towards future camps, after-school programs or tournaments
      • on or after the first camp date - no refund or credit
      Change request policy:
      • up to 7 days before the camp start date - change request will be accommodated if availability permits
      • less than 7 days before the camp start date - will be accommodated if availability permits WITH a $25 administrative change fee
      • on or after the first camp date - no change request can be made

      For more information on camps, please visit the Enrichment website: 

  • Afterschool enrichment

    The first class of any afterschool enrichment session if free for anyone.
    Anyone, who attends the second class or onwards, should have completed the payment for the semester.
    We understand and acknowledge that students opinion and circumstances change rapidly in the beginninig of the semester, so we have tried to adjust our refund policy to accommodate parents the best we can.
    For more information on after school classes, please visit the Enrichment website: enrichment.bayareachess.com/afterschool

    Refund policy based on the # of classes of the semester:
    • 100% refund before the second class
    • 50% refund before the third class
    • 0% refund after the third class

      : My child has missed the first free class due to various reasons (flier didn't get home in time; my child's friend attends the program and we decided to enroll my child as well). Can we have the second class as the free class and pay a prorated fee for the remaining session?
      A: Unfortunately, we can't accommodate that request because it makes it difficult for us to plan and schedule the free class other than the first class in our scheduled classes. We can certainly prorate the session fee with the number of classes remaining in the session/semester.