• 2019 CalChess Scholastic State Championship

    aka Spring States

    March 8-10, 2019

    5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

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    Accessibility Announcement
    Dear Players, Parents, Coaches, and Friends:
    Warm welcome to 44th CalChess State Scholastic Championship at the Santa Clara Convention Center!
    Enjoy the largest State even that brought together more than 1300 enthusiastic chess players last year.
    Depending on Age and Rating - this tournament is either a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day event for players.
    As with previous years, we'll split the 1-day sections between Saturday and Sunday.
    We are preparing special surprise events for all players and parents, so stay tuned.
    We hope that you'll have a great time, and great competition.
    Should you have any question, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing us.
    Chief Organizer and your chess mom in service,
    Dr. Judit Sztaray
    This is a State Tournament authorized by CalChess and US Chess Federation (USCF)!
    The winners of this event will be crowned State Champions!


    Individual Prizes

    Main Event: Top 20players with winning record in each section.
    Blitz: Top 5 players with winning record in each section
    Bughouse: Trophies to both players of the top 3 teams with a winning record in each section.

    Team Prizes

    Main Event: Top 5 schools and Top 5 Clubs in each section
    A team is TWO (2) or more players from a school or club in the same section.
    Top four players' scores count for the team total.
    There will be a paralel school and club team competition, so a player can play for both a school team AND and a club team, and their score will count in both school and team competitions.

    Trophies to the top 3 schools and 3 clubs in each section.
    (Minimum two players/team and Top four players' scores count for the team total.)

    Trophies to both players of the top 3 teams with a winning record in each section.
    (Section determined by higher grade team member.)

    Sections and Schedules

    On-site Registration:
    Saturday and Sunday 7:30-8am,

    Not necessary if you have pre-registered and checked in online HERE.

    1-day Sections
    Time Control: G/30;d5
    Game in 30 minutes, with a 5 second delay at each move. One game can last up to 1 hour.
    5 rounds
    Round Start Time
    1 9am
    2 11am
    3 1pm
    4 2:30pm
    5 4:15pm
    Trophy Ceremony around 5:30pm

    Saturday only
    K-Gr3 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr3 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr3 500-799 (Junior Varsity)

    Sunday only
    K-Gr6 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr6 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr6 500-799 (Junior Varsity)
    K-Gr8 u800 (Beginner)
    K-Gr12 u800 (Beginner)

    2-day Sections
    Time control: G/75;d5
    Game in 75 minutes with 5 second delay.
    Round Start Time
    1 Sat 9:30am
    2 Sat 12:30pm
    3 Sat 3:30pm
    4 Sun 9am
    5 Sun 12pm/noon
    6 Sun 3:15pm
    Trophy Ceremony around 6pm

    K-Gr3 800+ (Championship)
    K-Gr5 800+ (Championship)
    K-Gr6 800+ (Championship)
    K-Gr8 800-1199 (Junior Varsity)
    K-Gr8 1200+ (Championship)
    K-Gr12 800-1599 (Junior Varsity)

    3-day Section:

    Time Control: G/90 +30 - FIDE rated
    K-Gr12 1600+ (Championship)
    Round Start Time
    1 Fri 6pm
    2 Sat 11am
    3 Sat 3pm
    4 Sun 10am
    5 Sun 2pm
    Trophy Ceremony around 6pm

    Side Events

    Bughouse - Friday evening, 3/8
    Time Control: G/5;d0
    Onsite reg & Check-in: 5:30-6:00p
    Games: 6:30-8:30p
    Open section for all.

    Blitz - Saturday evening, 3/9
    Time Control: G/5;d0
    Onsite reg & Check-in: 5:30-6:00p
    Games: 6:30-8:30p
    K-3 Blitz
    4-6 Blitz
    7-12 Blitz

  • How to determine which section?

    1st Step: Select Grade: most players like to play with their peers, so choose a section that has the upper limit the most closest to the player's grade.
    2nd Step: Determine players' rating: most players are comfortable within a section of their natural rating, so choose a section that has the upper limit of the rating the most closest to the player's rating.
    Never played in a rated tournament before? Choose Rookie (unrated) section, and you'll play with others in the same shoe.
    3rd Step: If you are eager to be challenged, playing up a Grade level, or a Rating level is always an option. Determine the next section in the line.

    Still unsure? Email us and we would love to help! Send your player's Grade and USCF ID (if have one) and we can suggest the best sections for him/her.

    What is the time control?
    1-day sections:
    G/30;d5 that means Game in 30 minutes with 5 second delay. Each player gets 30 minutes, and there is a 5 second delay before the time on their clock starts to count. One game can last up to ca. 1 hour.
    2-day sections: G/75;d5 that means Game in 75 minutes with 5 second delay. One game can last up to 3 hours.

    What are the round times?
    Chess is NOT an elimination game: win or lose all players should play all rounds. Round times are pre-set, listed above in the table, and will be starting on time for all sections. Please, notify us if a player will miss any round - you can request 1/2 point bye for that round.

    Have to miss a round?
    If you have to miss a round, please request a BYE:
    Every player can request up to two 1/2point byes for any of the round 1 to 5 if requested before the start of the first round. No byes for the last round.

    MUCH more FAQ and Explanation of the Rules are on this page: Click HERE.

    Entry Fee - Registration

    Grade Event Sections Fees
    Kindergarten 1-day
    Kindergarten $53
    KG thru 3 1-day
    K-Gr3 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr3 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr3 500-799 (Jr Varsity)
    K-Gr3 800+ (Championship) $67
    KG thru 6 1-day
    K-Gr6 unrated (Rookie)
    K-Gr6 u500 (Beginner)
    K-Gr6 500-799 (Jr Varsity)
    K-Gr5 800+ (Championship)
    K-Gr6 800+ (Championship)
    KG thru 8 1-day
    K-Gr8 u800 (Beginner) $53
    K-Gr8 800-1199 (Jr Varsity)
    K-Gr8 1200+ (Championship)
    KG thru 12 1-day
    K-Gr12 u800 (Beginner) $53
    K-Gr12 800-1599 (Jr. Varsity)
    K-Gr12 1600+ (Championship, FIDE rated)
    KG-12 Blitz 3/9 K-Gr 3 Blitz
    Gr 4-6 Blitz
    Gr 7-8 Blitz
    Gr 9-12 Blitz
    KG-12 Bughouse 3/8 All sections $12

    Other Fees

    Play-up fee: +$20 (if you want to play higher rated section)
    Calchess membership fee (required): $5
    USCF membership fee (required): $17 / $22 / $26 (based on age)

    Late Fees:
    after 2/22 ADD +$10
    after 3/4 ADD +$20
    on 3/8 and Onsite ADD +$40

    Refund Fee: $5 or after 2/22 same as current late fee

    Change Fee:
    after 3/1 ADD +$10
    after 3/4 ADD +$20
    Onsite: ADD +$30

    What's New

    1. March 2019 Rating Supplement will be used. (What is a rating supplement?)

    2. Need to cancel your registration? We will refund your entry fee for a service charge of $5 or after 2/22 that is equals to the current late fee.

    3. Similar to last three years, the Scholastic State Championship will have a parallel School and Club Team competition. They are separate, and compete for different prizes. Players can play for BOTH! Top 4 players scores count for team score (School or Club), and minimum of two players needed to make a team. See details on pairing rules in the FAQ.

    4. Play-up fee will only be charged if a player would like to play in a section higher than their rating category. Play-up fee based on grade has been eliminated since all sections start with Kindergarten (K-GradeX).
    Play-ups are subjected to the 200-rating point rule: only players within 200 rating point to the next section can play up. This is enforced for all section with 1000+ rating limit.
    If a player that is outside the 200+ range wants appeal to the Chief TD, Tom Langland will listen on a case-by-case basis. But playing up to play tougher opponents, who might be looking for a USCF norm or Junior Grand Prix points, this is not the tournament to do that.

    5. Iphones must be turned off all times while in the game room. Players, who are found operating an iphone while in an active game will be forfeited from their game immediately.

    6. ALL electronic recording devices will have to be validated and receive an Authorization Tag before they can be used. This mean ALL devices, Monroi, PlyCount, eNotate and the new ChessNoteR.
    The owner should come to a station at the registration area and the attendant will:
    1) validate the device is an approved device
    2) fill in the form with the information
    3) fill in the Authorization Tag
    4 ) tape the string of the Authorization Tag to the back of the device with 2” blue tape
    5) hand the user a copy of the regulations.
    The owner should have to get their device tagged BEFORE they can use it, so there would be a line before the first round. If the first round starts and the device has not been validated the parent can get it validated, but can’t like bring it in until the NEXT round starts or players have to validate during their own game time.
    The Chief TD would have some Authorization Tags and a validation form, to handle exceptions as necessary. Floor TDs would be trained to check all devices to ensure they have an Authorization Tag and if not, confiscate the device to the Chief TD. This information will be sent out to the parents, and there will be several of the ERd signs around and a sing designating the Device Validation Station.

    Need Financial Aid? We can help!!

    Send a letter from your principal or some other proof that you are on the school free lunch program.
    OR Send a letter from a coach. Contact us for more information.

    Trophy Pick-up

    It is always best if you collect the trophy awards at the awards presentation. However, if you can't receive your trophy at the award ceremony, please ask a friend to pick the trophies for free. Alternatively, you may ask us to pack and keep your trophies to be picked up at our NEW office: 2050 Concourse Drive Unit #42, San Jose, CA 95131.
    Please arrange pickup at ask@bayareachess.com

    Team Rooms

    Room Area Sat Sun Both Days Team
    Sat Sun
    203 1400 950 950 1390      
    204 1400 950 950 1390      
    207 845 640 640 990 King's Land Chess
    208 615 540 540 890 Marin Chess x x
    209 1400 950 950 1390      
    210 1400 950 950 1390      
    211 615 540 540 890 Weibel Chess x x
    212 845 640 640 990      

    Organizers and TDs

    Chief TDs:
    National TD Tom Langland, National TD John McCumiskey
    Other TDs:
    Senior TD Jordan Langland, Senior TD Richard Koepcke
    Arthur Liou, Michael D'Alfonsi, and many others.

    Chief Organizer: Judit Sztaray

    Site & Accomodation

    Tournament site:
    Santa Clara Convention Center
    5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)
    Accessible by VTA, ACE

    Reserve room NOW at Biltmore Hotel @ Santa Clara
    Link Coming Soon
    $99 - Cutoff date: 2/21/19
    Biltmore Hotel and Suites
    2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Phone: 408-988-8411
    To make reservation via phone, please call the hotel directly at (408) 988-8411
    and mention the
    Booking ID # 36712 to get the special group rate.

    Reserve a room NOW at the Hilton Santa Clara (across the street)
    4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 94054
    From room rate: $139 - Click HERE

Terms and Conditions
 - Refund policy - Accessibility & Special Accomodation